Washington Mews Session: Jaunita and Cecil

How amazing it is to meet people like Jaunita and Cecil; I knew from the initial phone call to meeting them on a beautiful day in Soho this was going to be a fun couple to work with. After all, they wanted their session to start at the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe. A cool quaint location that brings you back to a time before iPads, Kindles and social media. A place for readers, and lover of books and in this case a couple in love. The idea was to not lose the intimacy of the place while also engaging the textures and context of all the books.

Upon settling into a corner and enjoying a light snack, we used one of the cool staircases and set up one of my favorite engagement photos: Bookstore Romance (See above). Mission accomplished!

Let’s take a walk through the streets of Soho, which is always filled with bustling shoppers and pedestrians and play with weird things we find and light ad shadow. Cecil and Jaunita were game to try anything and everything; resulting in some really unique imagery to define this power couple. Eventually, we got to this cute little nook hidden away in the heart of Soho, the Washington Mews. If you’ve never been to, I highly recommend you check it out to explore a bit of history and culture remaining in an ever populating and progressively modern city.

With the wedding being a couple of weeks away, here’s a sneak peek into the couple that is Jaunita and Cecil. Enjoy!

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