Personal Project: Creating light and a little grunge

So I’ve photographed on this roof plenty of times before and this time around I wanted to force myself to think outside the box to create an image that was different and would never give off the impression that it was shot in the same area. With all the hoopla over the Mad Men series and recent season premiere, I could only think of a grunge-type-look that would suit his outfit.

So the idea was to put my newly attained Pocket Wizard Flex tt1 mini and Flex tt5 to the test and utilize my SB-900s to create my own light in an image. We wandered into the stairwell where the sunlight was pouring in.

I placed one speed light through one of the skylights to create a spotlight effect. I wanted to eliminate the ambient light so that the light of my speed light is all that’s shown, so the shutter was set to 1/2000 and high-speed sync came into play.

Then I introduced a speed light attached with a honeycomb grid to light the smoke. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonades, right? Well i know I wanted to have the smoke stand out and contrast the image, so I wanted give it a cool color since the majority of the image has a slight warm tone. I don’t own a set of colored gels (time to get some now), so I placed a blue see through credit card to emulate the desired effect. The image below was the final image achieved.


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