My first ever sunrise engagement session was with these two over a year ago. Then I had the pleasure of capturing their engagement party!

Roughly a year later, I am truly honored to have been trusted to document their wedding day also. The morning started off with a beautiful ceremony at the Sri Venkateswara Temple; an architectural beauty! The quiet commotion amongst the guest certainly set the scene for what was a the happiest most entertaining ceremony that I have witnessed. This was the first time I have done a first look like this. It was definitely genuine and a bit of quirky, just like Sushma and Sanjeev. I love the spontaneous events of a wedding day that make for insanely happy memories; take Sushma dumping the whole plate of rice when they were supposed to be “nice” to each other with small handfuls.

Sushma and Sanjeev were officially married and the reception was held at the Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel. 3 stunning shoes + 2 intricately designed outfits + prep by the talented Kanwal Batool to make Sushma’s wedding day just as she wanted. on the flip side, it took Sanjeev 15 minutes a lot less time to put on his suit and slip into his converse to compliment Sushma in personality and fashion. Thanks to the stunning decor by Design House Decor, the reception stage helped transform the scenery to a lavish affair for good folks looking for a good time. B4U Djs was on the track cranking the bass and keeping the dancefloor hot all night. A “few” drinks in and you have guests flipping and your favorite 90’s boy band switching on everyone’s inner rock-star. Thanks for having me be a part of your lives in so many ways Sushma and Sanjeev! Enjoy a few of my favorites!

Everyone who helped make this possible for these two. A special thanks to Aysha and Michelle for their assistance on this day!
Venue- Sri Venkateswara Temple
Hair/Makeup- Kanwal Batool
Mandap Decor- Vedika Creations
Cinematography- Lucid Lens Filmmakers
Venue- Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel
Hair/makeup: Kanwal Batool
Photobooth: iLight Photobooth

SS_NJWedding001 SS_NJWedding002 first look SS_NJWedding004 indian wedding ceremony fun wedding photos SS_NJWedding007 Beautiful temple SS_NJWedding009 SS_NJWedding008 SS_NJWedding010 SS_NJWedding011 SS_NJWedding020 SS_NJWedding012 creative wedding portrait Design House decor bridal party design house decor design house decor SS_NJWedding016 creative wedding photography first dance SS_NJWedding019 SS_NJWedding021 SS_NJWedding022 SS_NJWedding023 SS_NJWedding024 SS_NJWedding025 SS_NJWedding026 SS_NJWedding028 SS_NJWedding027 SS_NJWedding029 SS_NJWedding030 SS_NJWedding031

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I met Trisha and Shaeed at Angie and Kevin’s wedding last year. It was the most pleasant surprise to run into a pair that are both soft spoken and energetic at the same time. That might’ve been the case because they were only guests at their friend’s wedding, but no, their calm demeanor really shined through when a few minutes into their portrait session it started raining.

White dress and all, Trisha scurried into the limo and we made with Plan B and finished the session inside the Westbury House in Old Westbury Gardens. The rain made way for a soft setting sun allowing us to make our way to Jericho Terrace for the ceremony and reception. The ceremony was super emotional with friends and family near as they had their friend Avinash officiate the wedding. I was really looking forward to the reception because during the planning of all of their wedding, both Trisha and Shaeed had me in on a secret to surprise each other!:)

See, Shaeed is a huge Game of Thrones fan, and Trisha surprised him with a custom designed cake. Being a Game of Thrones fan myself I was in sheer amazement as I saw the cake roll out. It was, perfect! You can never have too much dessert, right? Well, it was also Trisha’s Birthday (Happy Birthday Trisha!) and Shaeed surprised her with a cake of her own. Including the wedding, that’s three cakes for those people with a sweet tooth who couldn’t keep track.

The dance floor opened up, and like most Guyanese wedding, it got crazy!

TS-JerichoTerrace001 TS-JerichoTerrace002 creative wedding photography TS-JerichoTerrace004 TS-JerichoTerrace005 ny first look TS-JerichoTerrace007 TS-JerichoTerrace008 Rainy wedding TS-JerichoTerrace010 Old Westbury Gardens wedding TS-JerichoTerrace013 ceremony TS-JerichoTerrace015 TS-JerichoTerrace016 TS-JerichoTerrace017 creative wedding photography ny TS-JerichoTerrace019 TS-JerichoTerrace020 TS-JerichoTerrace021 game of thrones wedding cake TS-JerichoTerrace024 TS-JerichoTerrace026 TS-JerichoTerrace027 TS-JerichoTerrace028 TS-JerichoTerrace029 TS-JerichoTerrace030

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I met Karolyn some time ago during my college years and I was super excited when she contacted me to photograph her wedding. I got to meet Carlos, who is one of the coolest most down to earth guys I’ve ever met. A few moments with him and it was evident that family was all that mattered to him and Karolyn is in fact the love of his life. Their daughter Dasany was the star of the show and for good reasons. #cutestbaby right Karolyn? 😉

From her walk down the aisle to the laughing cheers walking out as a married couple, it was indeed a very emotional ceremony. Held at the beautiful Greentree Country Club, we kicked off the reception, and the rest was history. I’ve never seen such dynamics of emotion as I have on Carlos’ mother’s face when she caught the bouquet and then realized she broke her glasses in the process. This was the first time I’ve witnessed the brides brother having the honor of putting the garter on his mother in law. It made for good laughs and everyone took it in stride. Calling this crowd a crazy group on the dance floor would be an understatement. Let’s just say I left the party with holes in my pants. Next time, I’ll consider investing in knee pads. Enjoy!

A huge thanks to Aysha for assisting!

wedding dress KC-GreenTreeCountryClub002 KC-GreenTreeCountryClub003 KC-GreenTreeCountryClub004 KC-GreenTreeCountryClub005 KC-GreenTreeCountryClub006 KC-GreenTreeCountryClub007 KC-GreenTreeCountryClub008 KC-GreenTreeCountryClub009 KC-GreenTreeCountryClub010 KC-GreenTreeCountryClub011 emotional wedding photography KC-GreenTreeCountryClub013 KC-GreenTreeCountryClub014 KC-GreenTreeCountryClub015 creative wedding photography KC-GreenTreeCountryClub017 KC-GreenTreeCountryClub018 KC-GreenTreeCountryClub019 KC-GreenTreeCountryClub020 KC-GreenTreeCountryClub021 KC-GreenTreeCountryClub022 KC-GreenTreeCountryClub023 KC-GreenTreeCountryClub024 KC-GreenTreeCountryClub025 KC-GreenTreeCountryClub026 best wedding photographer

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